Ancient Egyptian Fashion

Even today, Egypt is a land of mystery that attracts people from all over the world. The history of the country is amazing and one of the oldest in the world. Ancient Egyptian civilization was highly advanced for its time and this would explain why it flourished for so many centuries. Read here kohls coupon for get more benefit.

While a lot is known about their construction techniques, use of medicine and advanced agricultural practices, not many people pay attention to ancient Egyptian fashion. However, people will be quite surprised to learn that fashion and trend were followed quite serious in ancient Egypt.

Given the temperatures in the kingdom, it should not come as a surprise that ancient Egyptians favored lightweight and breathable fabrics. The elite of the land were seen wearing the best quality linen. Often this was transparent in nature and was woven in workshops and homes of laypeople.

Both men and women wore tunics that were worn over pleated skirts. Usually the clothes were draped over the body. Members from the royal family wore headdresses to show their status. The tunics came until the waste and could be either tight fitting or loose, and then a skirt would be worn. These skirts were like kilts of varying lengths. Men from rich families wore long skirts that were pleated in the front. The skirts were fastened to the waist with the help of a belt.

Women wore tunics and skirts that were full length and they would adorn themselves with jewelry. The jewelry was an important part of ancient Egyptian fashion. The pieces were highly elaborate and beautiful. And women from all walks of life wore jewelry. The higher strata women used to wear cloaks when going out.

Footwear was like sandals that had straps. These were made from leather. In addition, use of cosmetics was common and they were made from extracts of plants. The main purpose of cosmetics was to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.